They are in Need of Healthcare

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Kindness Mission Services is designed to help alleviate the health status of the Maasai community. The Clinic  that the mission run in the remote villages of Maasai land bring closer to the Maasai people essential health services and reduce health risks and loss of life as a result of lack of medical facilities in these villages.

Due to this fact and coupled with poor infrastructure scores of patients die on the way to hospital and many expectant mothers deliver on their way to maternity wards that are far away. The more we run these clinics in the rural part of Maasailand, child mortality rate is reduced to negligible level due to provision of this service closer to the people. Loss of life due to snake bites, lack of drugs, distance to health facilities are reduced to a minimum.


They Need Clean Water

A young maasai girl is fetching water from the ground. This water is shared by animals and human beings. Animals peed on it and stamp it on their feet and put their droppings on it. But we have no choice- this is the only water we got. I want to change all of this people help me to help them.

Kindness Mission has a goal of drilling more than 50 boreholes in the most desperate areas of a Maasailand, including the semi-arid land. It is in our programme to drill boreholes also in the drought and disease stricken areas around Maasailand. Using both large and small drillings rigs to bore holes up to 40 feet deep, we can drill a well that becomes a fountain of life for the community. In most cases a well can last at least 50 years or more. Each well becomes a beacon of hope in the midst of desperation. It  not only brings clean water to thirsty mouths but also brings the living water to thirsty souls.
Our plan is to provide free, clean water to hundreds of Maasai people.


They are in Need of Education

These kids do not even go to school now. They need a chance in life. I was also once like them. I want to change all of that and I know yes you can help me to help them.  To be an Angel in their lives and give them a chance.

Many children in Kenya enjoy freedom and education opportunities, but many Maasai children continue to face the wrath of poverty and the oppressing Maasai culture and traditions. Kindness Mission will not rest until every Maasai child is safe from these painful traditions and receive education for a better future. We have continued to sponsor a number of Maasai children both in Nursery and Primary Schools, College and Vocational Training. Advocating for rights of under aged Maasai girls protecting them from sexual mutilation and forced marriages is our major priority in this project. It is costing us 25 US DOLLARS per month to sponsor a child in both Nursery and Primary Schools and it cost about 50 US Dollars to sponsor a child per month in Secondary and College.