Kindness Mission- how to partner with us
If you have any inquiries, please use the form below to contact the fund. We will respond promptly and appreciate your interest.

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Kindness Mission relies on the direct support of the public for funding. Although our target goal is $120,000 annually, we only manage to make a fraction of that every year. We need your help and many ways for you to contribute. 
Remember, your donation is tax deductible and through company matching grants you may be able to effectively double your donation amount. And, when you give to Kindness Mission we'll commemorate your contribution by adding your name and that of your family into our daily prayer list for even more blessings

  • $1000 - funds all medication for the clinic for one month, - taking care of approximately1500 people
  • $500.00 - funds Malaria medication for 70 people for (1 village) for 1 week. Often small children get Malaria up to 3 times a year.
  • $100 - funds the cost of surgery, dressings, and antibiotics for people mauled by lions and leopards
  • $25.00 funds treatment for typhoid and brucellosis for injections and pain killers
  • $25.00 – funds cost of delivery and medication and all follow up care to have a baby
  • $25 a month- will adopt one son or daughter in one year. It will provide, school fees food, medicine or the child care cost[ In America its $500.00 babysitting a month]

We welcome donations in any amount and offer many ways for you to make your
contribution. These donations are tax deductable.

You can click here or the banner below to make a secure online donation through PayPal via credit cards or bank debit. If you prefer to mail a check or money order, please send it to Give Kindness Mission P.o Box 804 Harbor City CA 90710 or P.O Box 174 Namanga Kenya East Africa.

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