Eluanata Village Women Overcoming Social barriers

One Kindness Mission existence is to elevate humanity by supporting the bead work project of women of Elunanata village in Kenya who are being marginalized so they can meet their own basic needs. Together with same like-minded donors and friends together, we are committed to facilitating a community that shares a desire to elevate humanity by facilitating projects that support self-sufficiency and health, provide education and create sustainable access to food and water.

Kindness Mission’s goal is to end poverty. It's a simple goal, but it requires serious commitment. In our effort to do this we recognize that women produce 80 percent of developing world's food, yet make up 70 percent of the worlds poor.

Overlooked by government programs and often denied education, especially in my village, rural women face a cycle of poverty, hunger and despair. Without help, many of them toil endlessly, watching helplessly as death, too often, steals their children.

But there is a way out. In a world where too many women feel powerless, you have the power to help them to change their circumstances through buying their products even when you don’t need them. At kindness mission we don’t believe in handouts we believe in empowering others so they can self manage their lives.

You can become a helpful participant by making a purchase today to help out the women who are looking for a way out. Through training and support from kindness mission women and their entire village CAN overcome social and cultural barriers.


Intricate beadwork has been an art form of Maasai women for centuries. Our items are handmade by Eluanata women group. 100% of the proceeds from our sales benefit the Maasai women and their families.

Our commitment

  • We only sell authentic Maasai beadwork
  • Women artisans are paid respectfully. Our mission does not exploit Maasai women

Significance of Maasai Colors

Blue: Sky, God (known as Enkai in Maa language of the Maasai)

GreenPastures, vegetation, afterrainfall, peace
White: Milk and purity
Red: Blood, warriors, danger, bravery
Black: Rain
Orange: Color preferred by women
Yellow: Sunshine and fruit used for tribal tattoos

Companies and Organizations

Maasai motivational bracelet can be a good token for your employees.

We can supply complimentary, appreciation, or motivational bracelets and keyrings for your esteemed employees. Email us today and learn what we can do for you.



Working with their own hands eating from the labor of their own hands. Please support their work