About Kindness Mission

Kindness Mission is a one man’s nonprofit humanitarian mission. In the United States it has been determined to be a 501 (c) 3, tax exempt by IRS. Therefore all donations are tax-deductible. Click here for our nonprofit papers

Background statement

The Founder of Kindness Mission is Rev. Joseph Oloimooja. Oloimooja has loved and cared for people ever since he first learned to walk. First he was a small shepherd boy in his village in Kenya and that’s what he credit his caring nature. First to animals, nature, and then began caring for people at the age of 12 years old. Click here

Mission statement

The organization’s humanitarian mission and relief work is aimed at building and operating ONE school, ONE water system, ONE community Clinic, providing academic scholarship to disadvantage children of Eluanata Primary School, and supporting sustainable economic development projects in ONE Village of Eluanata in Kenya in Africa.

Vision Statement

The Founders vision and mission is to help one million people by the end of his life through caring, and words of comfort and encouragement, lifting them up to where they were meant to be.


  1. To build and operate a one water borehole to bring health to Eluanata village
  2. To empower Eluanata village women to become self-reliance and not only on men
  3. To set up and operate an educational fund program for scholarships  for needy students of Eluanata Primary school   in Kenya
  4. To build and operate health center/clinic and promote community health education and disease prevention program at Eluanata village in Kenya


Kindness Mission is driven by the commitment of community building, economic development and empowerment. The organization believes in the philosophy of participatory approach where programs and projects are design and implemented by the villagers. Together, we are bringing a constructive change to our people.

Our Board Members

  • Rev. Joseph Oloimooja Founder/ Executive Director
  • Rev. Ruddie Bruner Chief Financial officer
  • Edith Musentu Administrative assistant
  • Kikardi Olongui- Village Board member
  • Patao Mwani- Village board member
  • Meneto Manie- Village board member
  • Kijoolu Merwe- Village board member
  • Noonkipa Samarek- Village board member

For more information Contact P.O Box 804 Harbor City, CA 90710
Tel 323-687-2167,
E-mail Kindnessmissioncares@gmail.com